World Hindi Day in collaboration of CGI & DAVSS : 2020(4)

World Hindi Day in collaboration of CGI & DAVSS : 2020(4)

World Hindi Day by Indian Consulate at DAV Sanskriti School

The tradition of World Hindi Divas commemorates the first World Hindi Conference held at Nagpur on 10th January 1975. All Indian Missions abroad conduct programs to bring together Hindi loving people. CGI Houston had organized Vishwa Hindi Diwas last year and Acharya (Dr.) Kavita Vachaknavee (director of the DAV Sanskriti School) coordinated the event. This year the event was organized on Sunday, 19th January. DAV Sanskriti School, the Sunday School of Arya Samaj Houston celebrated in the presence of Shri Ajay Ajmani, Consul and Shri Amit Khanna, Teacher of Indian Culture from the Indian Consulate. The Consul read out the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message who is known among Indian diaspora as a champion of Hindi.

To begin with, Dr. Vachaknavee presented a glimpse of the Sanskriti School. One period a week is devoted to Hindi conversation and the children, age 4-14 have practiced in the last few weeks, mere 2-3 hours. Our teachers are mostly the parents of the children with their own profession and yet they function as teachers with dedication. Sanskriti School believes in equal opportunity to its ALL 130 children age 4 to 13; every child must appear on stage. Some of the songs and poems were old classic such as: Bachche mun ke sachche , Chanda mama door ke, Choon Choon Karti Aayi Chidiya, etc. Some were rather unheard of: Ek Bandar ne Kholi Dukaan, Mera Tesu yahin khada. There were five solo items: the poem ‘Pushp Ki Abhilasha’ by Laasya Sharma, ‘Personal Progress in Hindi’ by Kashish Kalita, ‘Vijayi Vishva Tiranga Pyara’ by Dhruv Thacker, ‘Jeevan ki Paribhasha’ by Aarna Kapil and ‘Why Do We Celebrate World Hindi Day’ by Shrey Mukharji. There was a significant level of maturity in the conduct and presentation by the children of this age. They received applause and appreciation they truly deserved.

As emcee, Dr. Vachaknavee mentioned that Indian songs and hymns have been adapted and used by various popular rap and pop music artists. From science to commerce and business to various multimedia as shown India is on its way to becoming a viable world economy, inviting increasingly more interest from the world. Bollywood is the second biggest film maker following Hollywood. Indian music becomes influential, not only audiences in the United States but also with the rest of the world. Poetic words used in the classic Hindi songs are helpful to learn Hindi.

Another aspect that struck everyone was flawless discipline and the efficient manner of the outgoing group being replaced by the incoming group without loss of time. Noteworthy was the make shift use of the Sanskriti School lobby providing the stage and sitting space for 130 children, 100 volunteers, teachers and parents and a number of special guests. It was a remarkably successful exercise in space management! In his closing remarks, the Consul expressed satisfaction seeing the Sanskriti School children learn Indian heritage and values. He distributed certificate of participation to all children. For school inquires Dr. Vachaknavee can be reached at DAVSSS. More about Sanskriti School can be known from https://  and