Why dental insurance coordinators need dedicated time to focus!

Why dental insurance coordinators need dedicated time to focus!

WHY DENTAL INSURANCE COORDINATORS REQUIRE DEDICATED TIME TO FOCUS! Check out this YouTube Exclusive dental training video with the founder of Front Office Rocks, Laura Hatch and Dental Insurance Guru, Colleen Huff, to listen in on this discussion about dental insurance, office systems and what we can do to help our insurance coordinators better succeed in their very important position at your dental office!

At Front Office Rocks, we are ALL about teaching dental teams customer service and verbal skills. But, when it comes to insurance, we have called on one of our favorite insurance experts Colleen to help, who (if you didn’t already know) LOVES working with, learning about, and teaching others about dental insurance.

As Laura and Colleen were recording a new batch of Dental Insurance Mastery training videos for Front Office Rocks, these topics came up and they thought it would be helpful to also share here with you in our YouTube videos.

INSURANCE COORDINATORS – What should we look for when hiring an Insurance Coordinator? What are the best attributes of a good insurance coordinator? How will they succeed in the position?

This conversation arose because the Insurance Coordinator is usually (or should be) the most detail oriented position in the dental office. They have the most details to follow up on, the most details to keep track of and we want to make sure your team is equipped with all the systems, tools and tricks to help!

The Take-Away: For someone to follow up on dental insurance, they CANNOT also answer incoming calls, fix the plumbing, babysit AND do the schedule all the same time. Our Insurance Coordinators NEED dedicated time to do their job, to make their calls, and focus on these follow ups – THIS is their job! It is not the patient’s responsibility, it is yours.

Have a tip or trick to add to Laura and Colleen’s discussion? We would love to hear about it! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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