The Benefits Of A Daily Green Smoothie For Kids

The Benefits Of A Daily Green Smoothie For Kids

My guest this week is Jen Hansard, whose “healthy obsession” with green smoothies has taken her into classrooms, entrepreneur workshops, and featured on ‘The Doctors’. Jen and I discuss the incredible health benefits of adding a green smoothie into your child’s diet and routine.

Her wildly popular website, has changed the lives of over 1 million people and has become the #1 green smoothie online resource. Through the power of green smoothies, she’s seen the amazing health benefits firsthand – including more energy, which has been the catalyst to healthy living for Jen and her family. The Simple Green Smoothies‘ lifestyle encourages you to make one simple change: drink one green smoothie a day.

Children and adults can see lasting results such as increased energy, improved mental clarity, better bowel movements, and a stronger immune system.

Making Smoothies FUN for Kids
►Once your child has adapted to drinking smoothies and different flavors – get them involved in the process by taking them shopping with you at the grocery store or farmers markets
►Children of all ages can help with the most simple prep
– I.e. small children can pull off strawberry stems, while older children chop up fruits and vegetables
►Engage their creativity in the flavors they like and help them customize their own blends
►With time, this type of exposure naturally adjusts the palate to crave healthier foods

Smoothies help with Sustained Energy for Kids
►Helps with clearer sustained energy levels during the day
►Helps regulate their wake and sleep cycles
►Energy from healthy food helps to fuel optimal growth, development, and brain function

A Starting Guide and Tips for Parents
►If you are beginning with a basic blender first blend your leafy greens and your liquid base first until the leafy chunks are gone, then add the fruit and blend again
►You can buy a refurbished high-speed blender to save lots of money and time
►Prep your smoothie ingredients into individual freezer bags and have them ready for the entire week
– To help with picky eaters taste buds, be sure to remove the stems from your leafy greens as they can add a bitter flavor
►Pour any unfinished smoothies into popsicle molds and freeze for an afternoon snack

Simple 7: The 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge
►To help create a green smoothie habit Jen provides a free 7-Day challenge that includes easy to follow instructions, a shopping list, and tips for success
►Great way to introduce green smoothies into your families routine
– Especially those who struggle with time-restraints and getting in their greens
►Will help increase energy, improve clarity and focus, strengthen immune system, regulate bowel movements and promote weight loss

Where to learn more
►7-Day Challenge
►Instagram: @SimpleGreenSmoothies

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Dr. Nicole Beurkens [Website] –


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