Reign Inferno Energy Drink Review. Thermogenic Preworkout Energy Drink Honest Review.

Reign Inferno Energy Drink Review. Thermogenic Preworkout Energy Drink Honest Review.

In this video, I go over the latest and greatest from Reign and that is their newest product called Reign Inferno. Reign Inferno isnt your typical preworkout energy drink. No, its a thermogenic preworkout drink. Want to know more, check out the video or read more info below.

0:44 – What is Reign Inferno?
1:58 – Thermogenesis
3:20 – Citrulline
6:55 – Ingredients
9:52 – Nutrition Facts
10:35 – Flavors
11:46 – Red Dragon Taste Test
14:40 – True Blue Honest Review
15:50 – Jalapeno Strawberry Product Review
22:50 – Closing thoughts
23:32 – Liquid Ice Winner
25:19 – Outtakes

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Preworkout Energy drinks have been the newest craze for almost 5 years now. Over the past year, all sorts of new companies have popped up with their take on preworkout drinks. As the preworkout market continues to grow, everyone is trying to stay ahead of the game by having the newest and best energy drink out there for preworkout.

Where does Reign Inferno fit into all that? Reign itself has posed a huge threat to the originator of the preworkout drink, Bang Energy. And now that it has shown it can keep up with the big boys, they are taking it a step beyond and making into an extra special preworkout drink by making it a thermogenic.

Thermogenic comes from the word Thermogenesis which simple means ‘to product heat.” Therefore, when you drink these drinks, your body temperature is supposed to go up slightly in order to help you burn calories. Now, its not supposed to give you a fever or anything and you most likely wont be able to feel it. Your temperature may only go up about a half of degree which is enough to make thermogenesis work.

But just like anything, it really doesnt do too much on its own, so it is much more beneficial if you are eating properly and exercising. If you even plan to try this drink as a preworkout, since most people just use them as regular energy drinks.

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