Potty Training Tips – Learn the Basics

Potty Training Tips – Learn the Basics

Potty training tips that you want to learn. In the following, I will describe some tips that I do during the potty training process until my child can do her potty business properly. One of the best potty training tips is to keep a sense of humor and a positive attitude. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! Read more at

Some easy potty training tips

When it comes to potty training my little child, there are some potty training tips given by my mother and my frinds that I can follow to make the process easier. I realize that the training might be not that easy as I need to put my attention in this training to make it works. I combine the best potty training tips that I have got to be applied to my little girl. I think the key for success in potty training is patience that me and my husband should take our heart so that we will be ready is the training process does not goes smoothly. There are many kinds of potty training tips for boys and also potty training tips for girls that can be found easily in child education books.

Prepare a potty seat

The first potty training tips that I do is to buy a potty seat for her. I let her know how to use this potty seat by show her a potty training tips video that show on how to do potty on the seat. The video interests her that she want to try to do it. I also put her name on the potty seat to make her feel that the seat is especially avaiable for her. I think this can encourage her to do pee and poo in her potty seat. Even so, reminding her to do potty business in the place is very important to keep the training in her mind. I can say that this is very effective way that start to understand what she should do when she is about to pee or poop.

Stay calm when she makes a mess and consider a reward when she does good thing

Once in a time, my little child makes a mess. Although I feel a bit dissapointed, I do not blame her for peeing or pooing in a “wrong” place. I remind her that she should not do this again in a very smooth way in order not to make her down. I also promise her reward whenever she do the potty business in her potty seat. Giving reward is another tips that can be considered when traing a child to do potty. Such reward will encourage her and make her confident. Now, she is trained to pee and poo in proper place and this makes me so happy.

When I want topotty train my little child, the only objective that I want to reach is that to keep my child’s cleanliness. Such objective can be very good motivation to do potty training as early as possible. I need to do some early potty training tips that will help my little child to succeed in getting through his potty training. This will be a very good thing that he could learn that will bring many beneficial things especially cleanliness. Here, I would like to share some tips for potty training that I take from what I experience during potty train my little child.

Start as earlier as possible

In toilet training tips for a child, there is no limitation of age when starting a potty training a child. I start potty train my child when he is 9 months. In this age, he can sit without support. This give me such idea to start the training at this age. This makes me think that the earlier I start, the faster my child will understand. I start it by sitting him there in the time when it seems like that he want to pee or poo. Indirectly, choosing the proper time will let him familiar with the activity so that he will learn everytime he feel like want to pee and poo, he should go to his potty chair. I think this will be very effective way to get him trained.

Recognize his expression

Another tips on potty training a child is recognizing the baby’s expression when he is about to pee or poo. When I notice his expression, I directly take him to his potty chair and let him sit there until he is finish with his potty business. Making certain sign with hand or with a sound for pee or poo will also make him easily understand his potty business. I’m pretty sure, my child will be potty trained soon with patience and dedication.

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