Parenting Your Teens Episode 8: Succeeding With ADHD

Parenting Your Teens Episode 8: Succeeding With ADHD

In this episode I help parents understand the concept of chunking and how using this unique structure will help keep teens with ADHD/ADD on task.

Teen mental health tips from a teen expert.

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The Parenting Your Teens Podcast is a weekly show. Each episode gives parents specific and easy to use tips to solve issue they are facing with their teens. Topics include self-esteem, depression, defiance, school performance, drugs and vaping, and many many more

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Christopher Taylor is a therapist for mental health, author, and speaker with over 14 years of experience as a parent-teen expert. Chris has dedicated his life to understanding what causes conflict in parent-teen relationships, so that he can help families develop the tools to restore togetherness. Chris realizes that being a parent isn’t easy and can help you understand the thought process of a teenager to solve your teen and family issues.

Chris’ channel aims to address the topics of mental health and teenagers, while providing valuable advice on how to parent a teenager. As an expert on raising teenagers, his videos will offer parent self help with practical and effective tips for any situation they may encounter.

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Chris is the author and creator of the Back to Basics: Tayloring Your Teen For Success Program, consisting of the book, workbook and online course. As an expert on teenagers, he has contributed to multiple print media publications, and has appeared on TV to discuss his views and present the Back to Basics Program. This program will guide you through parenting your teenager and aims to make your family better by restoring family togetherness.

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As an accomplished public speaker, Chris has inspired audiences to make positive change for their families by identifying barriers and understanding the requirement for change. He is available for organizations and groups both large and small to help alleviate the stress that the teenage years cause.


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