Fox News guest sparks outrage as he keeps coughing while discussing coronavirus quarantine – News 2

Fox News guest sparks outrage as he keeps coughing while discussing coronavirus quarantine  – News 2

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For any copyright, please send me a message.  Fox News guest Frank Wucinski and his family spend fourteen days in quarantine after returning from the coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan, where his father-in-law died because of the virus. Mr Wucinski said he “understands the fear” people across the world have been feeling because of the COVID-19 outbreak but pointed out the death rate “is pretty low.” However, the Pennsylvania man sparked outrage with his Fox News appearance after he kept coughing throughout the interview as he shared a water bottle with his three-year-old daughter Annabel, who also just left quarantine.  Mr Wucinski could be seen coughing continuously while holding his young daughter on his lap as she sipped from a small water bottle. After a particularly persistent fit, the man reached out for the bottle to take a swing before returning it to Annabel.  Both Fox News anchors asked him about the coughing, which Mr Wucinski dismissed as “nerves” before confirming he had tested negative to coronavirus twice since being evacuated from Wuhan with his family earlier this month. But despite the dismissal, the Fox News guest sparked outrage on social media with his live appearance on the programme shortly after leaving quarantine.  Commenting on the video, one Twitter user said: “Let’s see.. coughing into your hands. That’s a no-no. Then touching your daughter’s drink- that’s a no-no. “Also, drinking after your daughter, then giving it back to her to drink after you, after touching it with your dirty coughed on hands. That’s another no-no.” Another commented: “And he shared a water bottle with his daughter!! Flushed face. “Isn’t the quarantine period 14 days? Is this the family that was quarantined 14 days then one of them coughed and they went back into quarantine?”   One user suggested Mr Wucinski had showcased the best way to “spread the virus” after the man continued to cough into his hand and then resumed to hold his daughter. They said: “Oh, this man is just teaching the successful way to spread the virus and the contagion with his daughter, drinking from the same water. Very helpful.” During his Fox News appearance, Mr Wucinski said: “Going forward, hopefully, doctors and scientists will get a better hand on the whole situation.  “Fortunately, from what I understand, it is contagious but the death rate is pretty low. I understand the fear.”   Trending  Despite US scientists warning the country is not prepared to handle a potential coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump defended his administration’s response to the outbreak. Mr Trump claimed the Democratic Party had “politicised the coronavirus” as he accused them of turning COVID-19 into “their new hoax” following the end of their investigati


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