Cheap Energy Drink Series – Aldi Edition: Red Thunder Energy Drink & Gridlock Energy Drink Review

Cheap Energy Drink Series – Aldi Edition: Red Thunder Energy Drink & Gridlock Energy Drink Review

In this video, Im starting a new series called the Cheap Energy Drink Series! Now, Im not sure when I will do the next video to this series but it’s something I wanted to get started and I can add to it as I have time. More Below.

1:39 – How cheap is cheap?
2:39 – Ingredients & Nutrition Facts: Red Thunder
4:02 – Ingredients & Nutrition Facts: Gridlock
8:14 – Red Thunder Taste Test
11:17 – Red Thunder Sugar Free Taste Test
12:49 – Gridlock Energy Drink Review
15:50 – Gridlock Low Calorie Review
18:31 – Gridlock Extreme Red (Zero Sugar) taste Test
21:00 – Closing thoughts
21:24 – Outtake (complaint really)


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Who doesnt like cheap energy drinks! But, there is a fine line between a good cheap energy drink and a bad cheap energy drink. In this first installment of the Cheap energy drink series, I go over the brand by Aldi. Aldi grocery store has 2 energy drinks brands that it carries. The first is a Red Bull knock-off called Red Thunder Energy Drink. As suggested, it is supposed to taste like Red Bull. And these Red Thunder energy drinks, just like the Red Bull drinks, have a regular version and a sugar free option.

Next up is Gridlock Energy Drink. What is Gridlock energy supposed to be like? You guessed, my favorite energy drink company, Monster Energy! And with the many different versions that Monster has, Gridlock Energy decided it would make a few as well. The first one to mimick the Original Monster Energy is just Gridlock Energy. The second Monster knock-off is their Low Calorie version of Gridlock. And lastly, to round out the three main energy drink lines, Gridlock has Extreme Red energy drink, which is their Zero Sugar option.

How do all these cheap energy drinks compare to their counterparts? And how much do these cheap energy drinks actually cost? Are they that cheap to really make a difference? Check out my review to find out the answers to all these intriguing and must know the answer to questions! I break it out into timestamps so that you can go where you want to go. Not everyone likes to watch the entire video, some people just like to know how they taste, so they can skip right to the Taste Test. Some people think the taste test is important, but don’t mind staying around for the whole honest product review.

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