Ben Pickles VS Steve Hopewell Full Fight (Bethlehem Boxing Club)

Ben Pickles VS Steve Hopewell Full Fight (Bethlehem Boxing Club)

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Bethlehem Boxing Club is a friendly and welcoming Gym in Richmond Hill, Leeds, West Yorkshire.It is run by Professional Boxer and Irish Light Middleweight Champion Lee Murtagh.

There are no restrictions on who trains at Bethlehem Boxing Club. We cater for all shapes, sizes and ages. We have children from 4 years old to men and women of 50 years old training at Bethlehem Boxing Club. When in the Gym, we are all classed as equal and this encourages individuals from all walks of life to buy into the ethos of boxing and its structure and discipline. If you would like to box, we have a white collar boxing team and organize regular boxing shows through Saoirse Promotions, where you have the opportunity to box on one of the shows. There is no pressure to compete at a show. We will always encourage people to train with us and buy into the fitness side of the art of boxing. Take a look at the History of the club and its humble beginnings..

Lee Murtagh is the Irish Light Middleweight Champion and Founder of Bethlehem Boxing Club. Lee has a diversity of interests including personal training, professional boxing trainer and Boxing Promoter through Saoirse Promotions.